Vitality coaching

As a Vitality Coach I not only look at your lifestyle, but I also examine your vital health. Experiencing a vital life is more than just being physically healthy and in balance. It’s about the energy you have in you to do things.

Vitality coaching

Being in balance ensures that you are able to undertake that and do what you want to do.

As a vitality coach, I believe that the right motivation helps you to grow and perform in all your life domains. How strong your intrinsic motivation is depends on experiencing;

  • Autonomy – performing an activity that you would like to do yourself
  • Bonding – experiencing connection with oneself and the environment
  • Competencies – performing an activity or task with your own knowledge/qualities and the skills that one personally possesses.

By looking for the fulfillment of these basic needs together, you have the skills to give your life direction. They will help you to find your own way in this world, will give you more energy to live and will ensure that you no longer survive but start doing your own life.

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