Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation after an injury or after surgery

Sports rehabilitation focuses on physiotherapy for (top) athletes. Do you have a sports injury or are you going to rehabilitate after an operation to return to (top) sport level? Then you are very welcome with us. We also offer a sports-oriented approach in preparation for important competitions in our rehabilitation. We do everything we can to get you back to the same sport level or even a better sport level than before an operation or injury. Among other things, we are available for muscle injuries (eg a torn hamstring), ligament injuries (eg a torn cruciate ligament), dislocations (eg shoulder dislocation) and tendon and meniscus injuries.

Due to their experience in the field, our physiotherapists are aware of what is involved in top sport. Our physiotherapists have experience in professional football (Ajax), top judo and athletics. We will pull out all the stops to deliver a top performance together with you in the field of rehabilitation and injury treatment for sports injuries or a return to the (top) sports environment.

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Sports rehabilitation Henk Grol

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