Physiotherapy after Covid-19

Recover faster after a Covid-19 infection through physiotherapy at Work With Care in Velserbroek

Why physiotherapy after a Corona infection?

Covid-19 or the Coronavirus often manifests itself as a respiratory infection. The disease leads to mild or moderate complaints in 80% of patients. 15% of patients develop serious complaints and 5% develop critical complaints, requiring an ICU admission.

Physiotherapy can play an important role in the recovery of patients with Covid-19 who experience permanent limitations in movement.

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What do you do then?

The patient’s request for help is always central. Patients with a request for help related to limitations in physical functioning have an indication for physiotherapy. This also includes experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue. The therapy focuses on promoting activities of daily living, participation, muscle strength, balance, endurance and breathing. It is recommended to train 2-3 times a week and to take sufficient rest in between. 

By means of an exercise schedule and possibly additional breathing exercises, our goal is to ensure that your physical problems will decrease.

During the training sessions we monitor, among other things, the oxygen level in your blood (saturation) and the heart rate. Furthermore, the treating physiotherapist will keep a Borg score, a questionnaire that maps experienced fatigue and shortness of breath.

Patients with a (very) low load capacity should carry out activities in daily life and additionally advised exercise therapy at low to moderate intensity, with a short duration of exertion.
Patients with (serious) multiple problems (physical, mental, cognitive and/or social) may also qualify for a multidisciplinary approach.

Our responsible physiotherapist from Work With Care has up-to-date knowledge and follows the guidelines and training of the Chronic Care Net and the KNGF. This way you get the rehabilitation you deserve.

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