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You don’t need to diet or sweat to sparkle.

Do you want to work on your health and do you long for a healthy(er) lifestyle? Have you already tried various diets with no lasting results? Do you want to lose weight sustainably without restrictions and the well-known yo-yo effect? For low-threshold and personal online guidance in the field of nutrition and lifestyle, you can contact Sharon.


My name is Sharon de Groot and I guide you online, as a BGN Weight Consultant, within the Work With Care team, to your personal sustainable solution for a sustainable result.

For your sustainable result, we not only look at your diet, but we also look at your lifestyle that contributes to your optimal balance with which you can create a healthy and vital life, among other things.

Based on your diet and lifestyle pattern, which I take on the basis of a questionnaire, food diary (5 days) and personal conversation, I make a nutrition and lifestyle analysis and I provide you with advice with which you can adjust your eating behavior and lifestyle step by step. can change.

Sharon de Groot nutritional advice Schagen

Take a step more every day, no matter how small it is, eventually you will get exactly where you want to be. (Small steps make a big change)

Method Online Nutrition Advice

At the moment my guidance mainly takes place online. Physical coaching is possible at our location in Velserbroek.

The benefits of online coaching from your safe environment;

  • efficient
  • no babysitter needed
  • no transport needed
  • accessible

What is Online Coaching?

A telephone consultation will take place beforehand. In this we look together whether your request for help is suitable for Online Coaching.

During our online session(s) we focus on your request for help and/or the situation you would like to change. We clarify the desired situation and how you can achieve it in the short term.

You will receive a link in advance with which you can log in. After the appointment you can get started right away.

The location in Velserbroek
Online Coaching
Sharon vitality coach lifestyle coach in Velserbroek Schagen

Discover our specialist

Sharon de Groot


Nutritional advice in Schagen



45 - 60 minutes
55,- One-time
  • Method
  • Measurements
  • Advice

Nutritional Consultation

45 - 60 minutes
65,- One-time
  • Nutritional needs and lifestyle advice
  • Sample menus
  • Start a new lifestyle

Follow-up consultations

30 minutes
30,- One-time
  • Discuss progress
  • Provide information
  • To reflect

During our intake interview I would like to find out more about your personal eating and living pattern so that I can tailor the tailor-made advice accordingly.

In addition to weighing and measuring, I will perform a number of other measurements (abdominal circumference, BMI, body fat percentage).

For this consultation I will ask you to fill in an intake form from which I can obtain a lot of information that I use for the further process.

For the most sustainable result possible, I ask you to keep a food diary after the intake interview.

Following the intake interview, the intake form and your food diary, I will provide you with advice. Which we discuss in the consultation.

We discuss your needs and if necessary you will receive a sample menu from me.

During these 30-minute follow-up consultation(s), we will discuss your progress and I will weigh and measure you.

You can also ask your questions and I will provide you with concrete tips and advice.


My guidance in the field of nutrition is (partially) reimbursed by a large number of health insurers. This reimbursement comes from the additional health insurance. Your visit to me does not affect your deductible.

It is wise to always consult your health insurer beforehand to see if and what exactly you will be reimbursed.

Would you like to make an appointment, would you like more information or are you curious about the rates?

We can help you! Feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Or ask a question directly by calling 0224 – 725 615