Mission and vision

Our mission and vision guide us and our complaints

Work With Care was founded to give healthcare an innovative impulse. We believe that care can be given in a more people- and cause-oriented way. Because we offer physiotherapy (exercise), vitality coaching (behaviour) and dietetics (nutrition) in Velserbroek, we believe we can offer the total package to optimize vitality and health. If people are motivated to get the most out of their vitality and health, they also deserve optimal support.

Work With Care realizes that our current generation has the privilege to live longer in a good state of health. In view of the aging population, the increase in the retirement age, the increase in chronic (physical) disorders and diseases, it is important to create a good and sustainable quality of life.

Work With Care believes that an optimal balance of exercise, nutrition and behavior results in optimal vitality and health. Optimal vitality and health in turn results in an optimal quality of life.
You deserve the care professional that suits you, you deserve the time needed to recover optimally, you deserve to receive the maximum care and you deserve to get rid of your injury and complaint! We are happy to help you with that 🙂

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