Manual therapy in Velserbroek

What is manual therapy?

A manual therapist is a physiotherapist who has followed a manual therapy course after his/her training in physiotherapy.

Movement limitations are often in combination with pain and impaired movement of the injured body parts. This often results in posture problems. The aim of manual therapy is on the one hand to allow better movement of the joints and on the other hand to improve posture and movements. For this, the manual therapist uses a number of specific techniques that can be applied in the joints.

The effects of manual therapy are often immediately noticeable! You will feel an improvement in range of motion and a decrease in pain.

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Manual Therapy in Velserbroek Dong Meijer

When do you go to a manual therapist?

A manual therapist can help you with various complaints, such as:

  • head and neck pain in combination with poor movement of the spine;
  • neck and shoulder complaints with or without radiation to the arms;
  • low back pain, with or without radiating to the legs;
  • high back pain, whether or not in combination with rib pain;
  • dizziness complaints that come from the neck;
  • neck-related jaw complaints;
  • hip complaints;
  • elbow complaints;
  • ankle complaints;
  • foot and hand complaints.

During the investigation at the first appointment, Merel will indicate how and whether the specific complaint can be resolved. Immediately after the first appointment there is clarity about the further treatment!

Reimbursement manual therapy

Since 1 January 2006, just like physiotherapy, manual therapy has been freely accessible. By means of a screening, the therapist will assess whether you are eligible for manual therapy, after which an intake and examination can follow.

The manual therapy is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. For more information, please contact your health insurer.

What is the manual therapist's method?

We can imagine that you would like to know what to expect. That is why we would like to give an overview of what the treatment usually looks like.


After a screening, your first appointment consists of an anamnesis, or an interview, and a physical examination. In the anamnesis, the manual therapist asks questions about the complaints; for example, the origin and at which movements or moments the complaints worsen or decrease. This is followed by a physical examination, in which the manual therapist assesses the posture and movements and examines the joints. In this way it is determined where the causes of the complaints are. Together with the client, the manual therapist decides whether manual therapy can be useful. If this is not the case, the manual therapist will discuss an approach for further treatment with the client. In this way it becomes immediately clear after the first appointment what the follow-up will be.


The aim of the treatment is to restore or reduce the functional disorders and pain as well as to improve activities in daily life, work and sports. The manual therapist knows a number of specific techniques that can be applied in the joints, to make the joints function better and to improve posture and movements. These are called mobilizations, possibly supplemented with dosed impulse techniques or manipulations. Mobilization is a repetitively applied technique to increase mobility. A manipulation is a mobilization with a short impulse, which of course happens with a measured speed. It is a purely passive movement, where the client is completely relaxed and where a popping sound may occur. Most clients experience this as a short, perhaps somewhat strange, but not painful feeling.

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