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Are you done with the feeling of being lived and/or do you want a healthy(er) lifestyle? As a lifestyle coach, specialized in Lifestyle and Vitality coaching, Sharon is happy to guide you towards a physically healthy and vital life with a sustainable result.


My name is Sharon de Groot and as a lifestyle coach within the Work With Care team I guide you to your personal sustainable solution for a sustainable result.

For a sustainable result, we not only look at your lifestyle, but we also take a close look at your vital health.

  • After all, an unhealthy lifestyle can affect your mental state and cause fatigue, stress and a poor sleeping pattern, which also means that you experience less energy.
  • Your physical health may be in balance, but you will not experience energy if you are not feeling well mentally.

For a sustainable result, we look for your ideal mental and physical balance.

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Lifestyle coaching

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A healthy(er) lifestyle, which contributes to your physical health/balance, is more than just eating and drinking healthy(er).

Based on my expertise as a Lifestyle Coach, I therefore go for a broader view of the whole, which ensures a more sustainable solution that works well for you.

Feeling fit, creating peace of mind, feeling mentally strong are some of the pillars that contribute to your overall physical health to create a new lasting lifestyle.

That is why we look together at all the behavior that contributes to this in the field of;

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep management
  • Stress management

If hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the solution

Sharon de Groot

Vitality coaching

As a Vitality Coach, I not only look at your lifestyle, but we also examine your vital health. Experiencing a vital life is more than just being physically healthy and in balance. It’s about the energy you have in you to do things.

Being in balance ensures that you are able to undertake that and do what you want to do.

As a vitality coach, I believe that the right motivation helps you to grow and perform in all your life domains. How strong your intrinsic motivation is depends on experiencing;

  • Autonomy – performing an activity that you would like to do yourself
  • Bonding – experiencing connection with oneself and the environment
  • Competencies – performing an activity or task with your own knowledge/qualities and the skills that one personally possesses.

By looking for the fulfillment of these basic needs together, you have the skills to give your life direction. They will help you to find your own way in this world, will give you more energy to live and will ensure that you no longer survive but start doing your own life.

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