Hydrotherapy: exercise therapy in the water

Do you have pain when moving or do you have a low load capacity due to, for example, an accident or an illness? Then Hydrotherapy, or medical swimming, can help you move better and easier. It is necessary for the maintenance and growth of muscles to exercise sufficiently. When this is difficult on dry land, hydrotherapy is ideal for you!

Pool Edge Hydrotherapy

What is Hydrotherapy?

It is a form of physiotherapy in an additional heated swimming pool. This treatment method puts less strain on the joints and muscles than with normal treatment methods.

In the water you are not bothered by gravity, but the water still offers resistance. This makes it a suitable treatment method to make your joints and muscles more resilient.

The water has a temperature of 31 to 34 degrees and the water is 1.40m deep. The high temperature of the water widens the blood vessels, allowing damaged tissue to be repaired faster. The warm temperature of the water also creates a soothing atmosphere, so that you can focus better on performing the exercises.

For more information about the swimming pool in the Velserbroek Sports Center, you can view this link .

What does the treatment look like?

The treatment looks the same as any other physiotherapy appointment at Work With Care. First of all, we start with an intake, in which your request for help is central.

If we then believe that hydrotherapy has a positive effect on your request for help and the recovery of your body, we will go into the water. Exercises are then performed in the water that meet your specific need for help.

If you would like to have an intake interview first, that is of course possible. You can make an appointment via this link .

Hydrotherapy with client

Hydrotherapy helps with:

Reimbursement hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy, so the number of treatments depends on your type of health insurance. https://www.independer.nl/zorgverzekering/vergoedingen/hydrotherapie.aspx