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Who is our nutritionist Eveline de Boer?

My name is Eveline de Boer and I am a mother of 3 children and I live in Haarlem. The children are now a bit older, but especially when they were little I realized how important good and healthy food was to me. When the first was born I often felt tired and unwell. By reading a lot about nutrition, I quickly found out what nutrition can do for you. I started to adjust my diet and noticed that it made me feel much better. Food has always interested me, as a child I kept my own cookbook with all kinds of tasty recipes. Some I still make but have now been adapted to a healthy version. I like to cook without packets and sachets, so you know exactly what you’re eating. My recipes are really not complicated, with 3 children I prefer to keep it simple but still tasty.

Because I experienced what good and healthy food did for me, I started a Weight Consultant training to deepen my knowledge. I liked this so much that I then started doing the Hormone Consultant specialization.

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