View the collaborations that Work With Care has with other parties. We work together with parties that we support ourselves, in this way we ensure sustainable cooperation. Through the collaborations we believe we can offer more to our clients. If you have any questions about anything, you can contact us through the following.

Great Business

great business

Great Business partners with Eden Reforestation Projects. The primary focus of Eden Reforestation Projects is sustainable poverty reduction. The locations where Eden is active are among the poorest in the world, are heavily deforested and at the same time the richest in nature. Eden means jobs, prosperity and therefore also new jungle and biodiversity. Work With Care builds one tree per new client in collaboration with these organizations. The locals receive a daily wage of $10, which is far above what they could otherwise earn. For example, people go to the forest with shovel and watering can instead of lighter and saw.

Fixx Ergonomics

Fixx Ergonomics ensures that you can work comfortably and ergonomically at home! Especially during the current corona situation, it is extremely important that you are comfortable at your (home) workplace. They provide tailor-made solutions that make your work more pleasant and healthier. Check out their website here

Blom Therapists

We recommend Blom Therapeuten for manual therapy. The practice has been a household name in Haarlem for more than 44 years. The manual therapist is VMT certified and is a manual therapy, in which time is taken for you and you do not work with the well-known cracking. The practice is affiliated with the Association of Manual Therapists (VMT). We can guarantee that you are in good hands at Blom Therapeuten! The website can be viewed here .


Work With Care is located in Schagen in the Train4Less gym. The most extensive gym in the Schagen region. Upon arrival, an enthusiastic team is already waiting to welcome you. The Train4Less team is always ready to show you the way when you enter or to consult with us if you want to come and work out there after your rehabilitation or injury. We are very happy that we can use the facilities in the gym. This way we can treat you optimally!

Velserbroek Sports Center

Our location in Velserbroek is in the Sports Center Velserbroek . The gym is a fantastic addition to our capabilities. Because we have the most advanced fitness equipment and a medical swimming pool, we can give you the care you deserve. In addition, the team of Sports Center Velserbroek is always ready to show you the way when you enter or to consult with us if you want to work out there after your rehabilitation or injury.


Cryless produces cots and baby playpens on legs. With their high furniture you prevent back problems after childbirth. Every Cryless playpen and bed meets the strictest requirements and has been found safe by SHR. So are you or do you know someone who recently gave birth? Then Cryless can help you! Feel free to take a look at their website .