Rehabilitation for knee complaints

Knee pain is never pleasant. Fortunately, this can be solved by knee rehabilitation during physiotherapy at Work With Care

Knee pain after a fall? Rehabilitating after knee surgery? Or a swollen knee after exercise? You can go to Work With Care for all your knee problems. This is how we get you back on your feet with our knee rehabilitation

Where do we get our knee expertise?

Our specialized physiotherapists have their expertise based on their own passion for the knee joint. For example, they have taken various specific courses and training courses to improve their expertise. They also receive non-stop training on the latest available and reliable information. Various courses and training have been followed for knee and (top) sports rehabilitation at BB performance and Denkfysio.

They are just as passionate about the knee joint as you are about rehabilitating. This makes a good combination for your knee rehabilitation.

We can’t wait to listen to your problem and get you back on your feet quickly.

Ron with knee
Knee rehabilitation towel

How do we work?

You can contact us directly without a referral. It is often useful and sometimes necessary to bring a referral from the orthopedist. Our physiotherapists have direct lines with many orthopedists, so if possible your referral may be sent directly to our practice.

If you are here for the first time, we will first discuss what the next steps will be. After knee surgery, we first discuss the expected treatment trajectory. If you come directly to us, we start with an interview and an investigation, after which we discuss the treatment process. The treatments themselves may consist of a combination of mobilization (hands-on therapy), loosening stuck tissues, tape techniques and training the muscles.

What can you contact us for?

What makes a knee so special?

The knee is an advanced joint. Essentially, the knee joint consists of three joints, a posterior and anterior cruciate ligament, an inner and outer ligament, and an inner and outer meniscus.

In addition, it is possible that injury can also occur to the cartilage (for example knee osteoarthritis) or the tendons of the muscles that attach around the knee. You can imagine that there can be many causes of knee pain!

Enthusiastic about rehabilitating with us? We warmly welcome you!

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For the Schagen location, you can call us on 0224 – 725 615 or Whatsapp on 06 – 43 225 891.

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See you soon! 🙂