Sharon de Groot

Vitality coach / Lifestyle coach

Who is our lifestyle coach Sharon de Groot?

My name is Sharon de Groot and I work as a lifestyle coach, specialized in Lifestyle and Vitality coaching, at Work With Care.

In addition to being active in sports, my heart is in Personal Development and I like to create connections with and between people. With my supportive background as an Office manager, I had myself retrained after the umpteenth burnout to become an AD(H)D Coach, Lifestyle Coach, BGN Weight Consultant and Vitality Coach.

The ideal combination of not only using my personal qualities and knowledge, but also being able to use my experience and my intrinsic motivation to support others in the field of Lifestyle, Life Questions and Vitality. If you want to know more about my field, read more here .

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Believe in the power of yourself

Sharon de Groot
Sharon de Groot with book lifestyle

I enthusiastically support and guide men and women in their quest for their own sustainable mental and physical balance. I do this without judging and also without attaching labels to it. It is precisely about you as an authentic person whose qualities and answers to questions may still be hidden and/or have not yet been used optimally.

In addition to coaching towards a healthy(er) lifestyle, for physical health, as a Vitality coach I also guide you (if desired) towards a vital life for a sustainable result.

So you are not only at the right place for Nutritional advice at Work With Care, but also for accessible and personal guidance towards a sustainable lifestyle and vital life.

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