Merel Visser

Manual therapist / Sports physiotherapist

Who is our new manual therapist Merel Visser?

My name is Merel and I graduated in 2015 as a physiotherapist at the Hogeschool van Leiden. From the start I have been working a lot with athletes and have started to delve further into this. In 2017 I started with the master musculoskeletal in Enschedé and since 2021 I can call myself a specialized sports physiotherapist and manual therapist. As a master I am well acquainted with recent scientific research in my field and I make a tailor-made treatment plan.

My goal as a physiotherapist is to give you back control over your complaint.

I myself come from the swimming world and give (synchronous) swimming training and physiotherapy. So you can also contact me for your swimming injuries and/or advice on prevention!

Merel Visser sports physiotherapist manual therapist Velserbroek

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