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We are happy to help you as best and as quickly as possible, whether it concerns physiotherapy, nutritional advice or lifestyle, we are ready for you in Velserbroek and Schagen. Not sure if we can help you? Please give us a call, we will be happy to discuss with you, free of charge, how we can best serve you. Or fill in the contact form below!

Ron Klaver

If someone would like to work on their injury or complaint, they deserve optimal support. I'm happy to help you in Velserbroek and Schagen

Merel Visser
Manual therapist

I myself come from the swimming world and give (synchronous) swimming training and physiotherapy. So you can also contact me for your swimming injuries and/or advice on prevention!

Sharon de Groot
life coach

The ideal combination of not only using my personal qualities and knowledge, but also being able to use my gained experience and my intrinsic motivation to support others in the field of Lifestyle, Life Questions and Vitality

Eveline de Boer
Nutritional advice

Because I experienced what good and healthy food did for me, I started a Weight Consultant training to deepen my knowledge. I liked this so much that I then started doing the Hormone Consultant specialization.

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