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Physiotherapy, lifestyle coaching and nutritional advice in Velserbroek and Schagen

Physiotherapy Velserbroek and Schagen

Do you suffer from back, shoulder, knee or other complaints? Then you can always contact one of our physiotherapy in Velserbroek and Schagen. We have perfect physiotherapy rooms in Velserbroek and Schagen.

Lifestyle coaching in Velserbroek and Schagen​

Do you experience a lot of stress in daily life or are you just not feeling well? Then you can contact our lifestyle coach in Velserbroek and Schagen. Lifestyle coaching ensures that you can perform optimally both at work and in your private life.

Nutritional advice Velserbroek and Schagen​

Do you want to get started with your health and nutrition? Our nutritionist is happy to help you take the next step in your health. Do you want to know what she can do for you? Then contact us. Nutritional advice in Velserbroek and Schagen.

”A correct balance in movement, behavior and nutrition ensures optimal vitality and health. Optimal vitality and health ensures an optimal quality of life.”

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Do you have physical complaints?

Do you have complaints of your knee, hip, ankle, back or do you notice that you are not moving correctly? A physiotherapist can be a solution for you! Our physiotherapists can solve the problem and cause. They can also give you advice about your sport.

It is possible to make an appointment with a physiotherapist without a referral.

Want to get started yourself? Then do the check!

Physiotherapy in Schagen and Velserbroek

Our clients speak

Patrick Suiker
Patrick Suiker
Therapist: Ron Klaver
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''I had been running with a nasty injury for a while. Seen many practices, which helped me in the short term, but unfortunately did not resolve my complaint in the long term. Now that I've been at Work With Care for a while, I finally notice significant improvements for the first time. Very happy with it! Thanks for your help!''
Jelly Muter
Jelly MuterTherapist: Ron Klaver
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''I have been working with physiotherapists for years and nobody has managed to do what Ron does. After 1 x I could turn my neck and it did not lock after half a day. He has magical hands! Much expert! Explains well. A big 10 I won't look any further. Don't want another physio. I now go once every 2 weeks and am very happy. Net and back are getting stronger.”
Paulette Nickels
Paulette NickelsTherapist: Sharon de Groot
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Sharon has provided me with great guidance in just a few months to lose some pounds. Feel more energetic now!

Maximum care

In order to optimize the vitality and health of the individual, the various care disciplines at Work With Care like to work together.


Our physiotherapists, lifestyle coach and nutritionist are happy to help you in one of the practices or on location.


For optimal results, Work With Care often collaborates with external parties.

Discover our team of specialists

Ron Klaver


Merel Visser

Physiotherapist & manual therapist

Sharon de Groot

Lifestyle coach and nutritionist

Eveline de Boer


Dustin Liefting

(Online) Marketer

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